WordsWithMagic was born, when a writer, fed up of the noise of false information about online marketing world, decided to search for truth..

What exactly is digital marketing, and how can a Writer fit into it? Which skills does he need to learn, and which are the most crucial bits of information which can help him/her succeed? How can an entrepreneur leverage Internet, and spread his message far and wide? Should a digital entrepreneur throw money on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads or use Inbound Marketing principles to achieve the goals?

How different is content marketing from online marketing, and how can I manage if there are no writers in my team?

And more importantly, what the hell is content all about?!

WordsWithMagic is a blog, which will simplify digital marketing for all. Infact, so easy that even a writer can do that.

I am Richard Smith, founder and ‘voice’ of this blog.

The Mission of this Blog:

– Help all artists and creators to use digital marketing and establish their own presence

– Simplify digital marketing, and enable everyone to use it

– Understand what content is all about and enjoy creating and consuming

What Is Content Marketing?

Content is an idea, explained with a story and expressed via words or pictures or video or any other medium. Its an art.

And Marketing is the science of sharing that beautiful story with the right audience.

The objective of Content Marketing is to connect the producers/creators with the right consumers/buyers. Isn’t marketing invented just for the same purpose? Content based Marketing adds the element of creativity to the whole process, and makes it worthwhile.

Why I created WordsWithMagic?

I am into Online Marketing since 2010. I was part of several interesting Online Marketing projects, which helped me understand and appreciate this awesome medium.

I wanted to share my knowledge and experience about Online Marketing, with the whole world.

To start the journey, WordsWithMagic will explain and demonstrate, how marketing can be done using content. The focus would be to help you with content marketing plans, and let you measure the pros and cons of a long term content marketing campaign.

And let me tell you one thing, if you fear content creation or just hate the word marketing: both are fun to do, if you really have one pointer.

Which is Passion. And Love for the stuff which you doing. Passion and Love is the thread which binds Content and Marketing, and makes it so wonderful.

More to follow soon. Stay tuned!

Welcome to WordsWithMagic!

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